The mountains of the Republic of Croatia mainly belong to the Dinaric range, and to a lesser degree are an eastern extension of the Alps and a remains of the old Oriental landmass. In the north west part of the Republic both systems meet, in a so-called transitional zone. Although the mountains are not very high, there being no peak above 2000 m, they are very interesting. The Dinaric range, most of which is in Croatia, is known in the world as a classic region of deep karst. Its essential feature, of possessing an equal richness of both surface and subterranean relief, give Croatian climbing a special character. Climbing in the karst has a lot in common with being in the high mountains. The sharp karst shapes, the domination of bare karst, the lack of water, poverty of vegetation, harsh climate and sparse population require the same efforts from the climber as many much higher mountains. But there are also differences among the Dinaric mountains. Those in the north are lower and milder (in Gorski kotar, for example) and those in the south are higher and more deserted (the Dalmatian mountains).
The mountains between the Sava and Drava rivers are completely different. They are made of older rock, are milder in form, fairly low, rich in water and vegetation, for which they are suitable for hill-walking and gentle hiking.

The highest mountains in the Republic of Croatia

Coastal Belt and Mountain Croatia

Dinara - 1,831 m
Kamesnica - 1,809 m
Biokovo - 1762 m (Sv Jure)
Velebit - 1,758 m (Vaganski vrh/peak)
Licka Pljesevica - 1,657 m (Ozeblin)
Velika Kapela - 1,534 (Bjelolasica)
Risnjak in Gorski kotar 1,528 m
Svilaja, Dalmatia - 1,508 m
Snjeznik, Gorski kotar - 1505 m
Ucka - 1,401 m (Vojak)

Pannonian Part
Zumberacka gora - 1,178 (Sveta Gora)
Ivancica - 1,060 m
Medvednica - 1,033 m (Sljeme)
Psunj - 985 m (Brezovo polje)
Papuk - 954 m
Samoborsko gorje - 879 m (Japetic)
Krndija - 792 m (Kapavac)

Brac - 778 m (Vidova gora)
Cres - 650 m (Gorica)
Hvar - 626 m (Sv. Nikola)
Losinj - 588 m (Osorscica)
Vis - 587 m (Hum)
Krk - 569 m (Obzova)
Korcula - 568 m (Klupca)
Mljet - 514 m (Velji Grad)
Lastovo - 417 m (Hum)
Rab - 403 m (Kamenjak)

The ski slopes are primarily situated on the northern slopes of Medvednica Mountain. The runs begin at its peak - Sljeme - and take advantage of the diverse configuration of the terrain, shaping runs of varying degrees of difficulty: the "White Run", "Red Run", "Green Run", "Blue Run" and "Tree Run". The orientation of all runs shifts between northeast and northwest. The "White and Cinovnicka Meadows" descend towards the east.

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The Croatian Olympic Center, situated at 620m above sea level, has much to offer. 7 groomed ski runs.

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The ski resort Platak is situated only 30 km from Rijeka, with well prepared ski runs, six cable cars, two mountain lodges and other facilities for visitors.

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