Croatian cuisine, due to its diversity, can be called cuisine of regions. The modern roots come form the early Slavic and ancient times, and due to historical and geographical influences, the most evident difference in gastronomy between the coast and the mainland are the choice of provisions and food preparation processes. The mainland has stronger influences from the ancient early Slavic times, though more recent touches have been added from famous Hungarian, Vienna and Turkish cuisines. On the coast, the older influence comes from Greek, Roman and Illyrian styles, and the more modern touch comes from Mediterranean countries such as Italy and France.
Beverages - Croatia is famous for its excellent wine, which are a result of long held winery traditions in the region. On the coast, the famous red wines are Teran, Merlot, Cabernet, Opolo, Plavac (Zinfandel), Dingač, and Postup. The most famous white wines are Malvazija, Pošip, Pinot, Kujundžuša, and Muškat (Muskat). In the mainland of Croatia, Riesling, Graševina (Grauer Riesling), Burgundy, and Traminac (Gewurztraminer) are most noted. We recommend plum, grass and grape brandies for hard alcohol choices. Desert drinks are sherry and maraschino.

source: MVPEI

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