Here are some informations about bars and clubs in Zagreb.

Cafe Bars


'Hot blooded, check it and see...' screams Latina. If you like hot sauce, Taco Bell and generally run to the tequila and rum side of the liquor equation this place will cuss you out with pure passion deliciously.


If you're in the mood to attempt to get her to give you another chance ('I see now how I didn't appreciate you before... I've changed, etc., etc.') this is an excellent choice. Lots of room for the face slap that concludes the discussion.


Karaoke on Mondays, a very curious experience in these parts


A pre-party delight, for the seating is superb and the crowd a nice mix of all types. Quieter and more conducive to thoughtful conversation.


On Saturday nights this place is completely packed, especially after two in the morning, when the main party starts kicking. The crowd consists mainly of mirthful students, the décor on the cheap side, a result of the numerous glasses that might be broken in there at any given moment. Rugged, raw and very cheap alcohol.

Cocktail bars

Exotic bar Papaya

This spring, Fridays have turned completely Gorgeous at Papaya, featuring some of the best local DJ talent.


Nope, your fancy trainers won't cut it here, darlings. In fact, your plimsoles won't even make it past the door. This is Zagreb's most opulent drinking hole (we are told to believe) where bartenders with slick moves (remember Tom Cruise in "Cocktail"?) make a mean Mai-Tai.

Hemingway longue bar

Hemingway at its original residence on Tuškanac is now reserved for private parties, but the hoi polloi is invited to its new abode in the lovely old building next to Kavkaz, opposite the Croatian National Theatre. Great views without, and airy period interiors and posh drinkie-poos within.


Trendy and very fun, it's in Gornji grad and will make you happy your lungs and heart are so thoughtless and consistent in their motion. The drink menu is perhaps the broadest in the entire city - bring your wallet and ATM card.

Jackie Brown

Dedicated to all shades black, all forms minimalistic, and music all moody and smouldering. A serious choice of fine whiskies and cognacs. Firmly aimed at an older and more sophisticated clientele. We mean this in the lifestyle, not evolutionary, sense.


Part lively cocktail bar, with an eastern vibe and fluffy house music, part wine bar for lounging and sipping. The wine list includes some great Croatian wines, and most are served by the glass, so you partake in a spot of exploring. Nibbles are served in this part too. Open 08:00-01:00, Wed-Sat 08:00-04:00.

Cult classics

Gjuro II

A cool little den. Tuesday is party night for the artsy scene, sometimes featuring cultural performances. Thursday's long-running After Work Party has a superb 80s DJ and features clubbers who have left kindergarten, unlike Fridays and Saturdays - both classic house parties.

Hard Rock Cafe

All wooden floors and cigarette smoke, it's not as glitzy as you'd expect, but it's a popular place for a daytime coffee, and the garden across the street kicks serious tush in the summer. Live bands play in the evenings Wed-Sat.


If you pluck up the courage to edge your way past the meaty bouncers, you'll find the last bastion of unadulterated rock music in Zagreb. Black clad sulky people dance it up from Wednesday to Sunday in a pantomime of rock and leather, but not without a touch of 1980s irony and even some electro-pop.


On the cutting edge of all things cool, KSET is gaining a reputation for some especially cool live shows that include flawless jazz and DJ wizardry.The mood lighting is the icing on the cake. Locals are becoming very passionate about their worship of this place.


Once the coolest hangout in all of Yugoslavia, the vibe here has kind of settled into the decent range. The music is loud and the club-goers dressed to impress. Supremely local of late, with a focus on Croatian techno sounds.


Saturday nights is kicking here, including a fashion show and famous people who do their best to appear especially important. The drink deals are superb and the setting is in that sleazy range that somehow appeals to every denomination of person (when wasted). It's a solid dance floor and the track lighting takes your giggles of hysteria into overdrive.

Hangin'out clubs

Apartman Cafe Club

Funky retro furnishings, live DJs and a laid-back crowd make for fun-packed evenings and a great place to chill out by day.


A combined indoors/outdoors expanse, you'll use it to relax, blow cigarette plumes skywards and appear as cool as you possibly can. You'll be surrounded by a fine looking crowd of a glamorous style usually too, and the jukebox is a mix of pop favourites past and present.


It's always packed, and the outside seating is really quite special with all kinds of colours and ivy weaving throughout. It typifies the term trendy however, you would be wise to wear your designer-labelled gear and pastel sunglasses (even if it's the middle of the night). A prime cruising destination.

Brazil Net Club

Young, hip and plugged in and crawling with chiquita bananas, BNC is wedged between tamer establishments on a busy strip of cafés on Maksimirko. The barman is a living testament to the Brazilness of the place. Tends to attract a younger clientele, which keeps the energy up and running. Jazz and bossa nova spin on Wednesday night.

Bulldog XL

When this went to print, Papa Bulldog was temporarily closed, but thankfully his full-figured daughter Bulldog XL next door is still jerking the capuccino fluff for the Bogoviceva trendies. Even better, XL has matured into a fully rounded wine bar - definitely worth an evening's intense exploration.

Dobar zvuk

Gets close to that real pub feel without even trying. The walls are adorned with retro memorabilia, the beer flows, and in the evenings, the rock music blasts in competition with the throngs of youthful alternative types.

Drugi otok

A delightfully shabby lounge like your arty best friend's place. The crowd is lively and studenty, the music is ultra-hip, and the prices are reassuringly mellow. Great coffee, internet access, an exhibition space and, best of all, a great little courtyard terrace all conspiring to make sure we'll be whiling away the hours here.

Funk Club

Two level entertainment: in action down below are jazz on Sundays and the Croatian pop scene on Thursdays, while the café crowd does its sipping at street level watching the ultra-busy Tkalciceva pass by. A tunnel-like feel and weird chairs give the place an unusual atmosphere, while great orange-hazelnut coffee soothes your soul. And if that's not enough, muscle your way to the far side to see the city's newest gallery space.

Lake City

Now, perhaps inspired by all those overground vocal house hits, you can eat real cheese at Lake City, as Dalmatian "klapa", or a cappella music, is performed there Thursday nights, accompanied by nibbles and wine. A big dancefloor, and comfy seating on a spacious covered terrace.


Tucked away out of the centre (near the Kset club) is one of Zagreb's best kept secrets, gathering an assortment of “creative” types who jump up and down to rock and indie tunes whilst consuming combustible quantities of cheap booze. Scuzzy and great fun - one of the best atmospheres in town.

Mango Mambo

With an outdoors-indoors expanse that draws a younger crowd, you'll find your feelings about this place wander into that so-so range... getting wasted may be integral. Right next to Papaya if you can't get in there.


Possibly one of the nicest cafes in Europe. The clientele thankfully belong within the range described as "normal". Brilliant music and live DJs at weekends lead to massive crowding and loads of smoke and noise, the only drawbacks. Named after an indigenous cherry and a liqueur of the same name - do try!

Melin Monroe

Favoured by the city's arty and literary set, who are indulgent of occasional breaches of social norms, for example running around whilst plastered out of your mind. Always packed, a fun night out with a rocky soundtrack.

Peti element

If you're looking to see the youth culture in all of its raw glory (share body sweat) this is your new favourite place. It packs 'em04-Jul-2012 5:39 PMt for some reckless fun. The kebab stand next to the entrance proves that there is a higher being watching out for us somewhere up there.


A decent place to have a drink, but don't expect to be wowed by this charmingly average venue complete with wicker chairs outside. The interior can be amazingly stuffy.

Pikaro (Mexican Tequila Bar)

Though the tequila options are somewhat limited, what they do have still attacks your internal functionings as though it were the juice of the devil. A young student crowd likes toNovember 30, 2009 8:16 PMass="LinkNeboldaniSivi">Purgeraj

Coolly scuzzy, this hangout in Ribnjak Park is beloved of the alternative scene (including students). Play air guitar to 70s/80s Yugoslav rock on Tuesdays, blues live Wednesdays, "jazzanova" Thursdays and live music Fridays. Saturday night is Stayin' Alive - D.I.S.C.O.! Happy hour 9-11pm means cheap bliss!


This clandestine affair of a café/bar is a popular hangout for Zagreb's young literati. And we can see why: the number seven's dark, enigmatic atmosphere is certain to stir a literay bone in your body, too.


Don't be put off by the dodgy name emblazoned in neoon blue letters on the front. Outside the National University Library, it's a friendly, studenty hangout where people come to hear good music (mostly rock) and live bands.

JAZZ Clubs

B.P Club

A masterful pre-party spot, you cannot help but be thrilled by the chilled out mood of jazz and mirrors that capture every angle. Known for the famous musicians that wander in and out, sometimes playing to the delight of onlookers.


This is the place to take in some live music, for it plays here every night and is an especially delicious and wide array of styles. Blues, jazz, rock, pop and much more are all featured, and the crowd tends to be especially happy for their chance to take the night of fun in. Admission varies depending on the show - this place is a can't miss.

Longue Bars

Boom Bar

All comfy cushions and retro styling. Check the Saturday night warm-up for Gjuro - we actually found the music better, a great selection of commercial dance tunes. You probably won't meet new people here, but it's good for a few drinks and a chat with friends.


Styled like a futuristic airport from the 1960s, everything is icy white - including the air conditioning. The music comes perfectly chilled too. Imaginative cocktails include champagne with gold in it for those high-roller moments, while snacks are a little less pricey.

Music & Dance Clubs


OTV has been reworked, revamped, and here we have Boogaloo. The new name is so jolly we hope they've hired giant teddy bears as bouncers. People have been singing OTV's praises in recent months, so there is the promise of great nights ahead in the new, improved version. This one's for you if you're serious about your dance music, with some of the world's great names in house, techno and electronic styles Djing here from time to time.


Small and very colourful, it boasts a crowd of regulars that are of average size and very colourful. Music pumps and grins widen as the evening wears on, though keep in mind it's on the exclusive side: only card-carrying VIPs are allowed entry after 23:00.


Great multimedia venue hosting anything from quality live gigs (from rock via gypsy to electronia), plus fashion shows, screenings and even discount sales of shoes and clothes by day! Check out their website to see what's going on.



One of the new bars sprouting like, er, flowers, on Flower Square, these are people to be taken literally – only Bavaria beer is sold on tap, which is a good reason to go. Half decent music can be heard here.

Big Mama

Big Mama is amply proportioned and wildly popular. The huge pub on the other side of the Sava (take the Velika Gorica or Dugave bus) also has a huge pub-style menu, interesting cheeses, pancakes galore and breakfasts including a feast of fruits and yogurt. A good local and international wine list is topped by Dom Perignon at 1500kn a pop.

Dublin Pub

The ‘Irish Pub'. Worldwide homage to the Irish alcohol problem. Photos of Olde Dublin. Potatoes used as ornaments on shelves. The Dublin Pub makes a good stab at the genre: deep brown leather sofas comfort your weary bones, and service is prompt and courteous. The menu is a little more Croatian than one might expect – not a bad thing at all.

Fantasy Club in Tolkien's Pub

Merlin conjured up a cool pub in between his various visions and it's called Tolkien's. The colourful art and glass set the tone and finally you can say kikiriki with good reason: the place is famous for its peanut-butter toast. You follow?


When you start begging the waiter for some bangers and mash (like mommy used to make) you'll know this pub attempt has succeeded. It's near to the student centre, thus the crowd tends to be on the young and hip side.

Hole in One

Such is the perfection of its polished dark wood and brass that it could scarcely be imagined to be truly English, but the food is certainly up to scratch for those wanting a taste of back home. The prices are also scarily reminiscent, as is the proficient yet bland live music

K Pivovari

A huge beer hall in the Central European tradition, recently refurbished, but maintaining the atmosphere that has attracted locals since 1893. It's lucky the wooden tables are chunky enough to withstand the groaning weight of tons and tons of beer tankards, since, being on the site of the Zagreb Brewery, the freshness of the draught Ozujsko and Stella Artois is guaranteed, and so, therefore, is your enjoyment.

Movie Pub

A huge hit amongst students and young professionals, weekday nights see the roof lifting as the throng belt out croatian rock anthems on karaoke nights (Wed and Thur). You may have a hard time elbowing your way to the 30-odd beers at the bar, or getting the waiter to bring you your bucket of pub-grub. Parading as a real British pub, by managing to miss the point, ironically they get the recipe spot on.

Oliver Twist

If you're not wearing your hottest gear don't even think about setting foot on Tkalciceva of an evening for you will feel like a peasant. And here resides a stonkingly popular and rather large "pub" - all dark wood and shiny brass. DJs Friday and Saturday nights. Great outdoors seating.


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