The Croatian coast and islands lie in an area with the Adriatic type of Mediterranean climate.
Summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and moist, and insolation is significant. Special climate characteristics differ, though, from one island to the next, depending on position, altitude or exposure to winds.
The main factor influencing the island climate and flora is the Adriatic , which is considered a warm sea.
Surface sea temperatures usually do not drop below 10C in winter and do not exceed 25C in summer. Apart from larger ports, the waters surrounding the islands are clean, as is the entire part of the Adriatic belonging to Croatia .

The Croatian islands encompass almost all of the islands on the eastern Adriatic coast and its middle area, forming the second largest archipelago in the Mediterranean . There are 1185 of them, geographically divided into 718 islands, 389 cliffs and 78 reefs.

The accommodation offer on Croatian islands is diverse you can choose among hotel accommodation, private accommodation in apartments or holiday houses, while accommodation in rural households (rural tourism) is especially attractive.

You can book accommodation in old authentic stone houses, as well as in lighthouses.
In recent years, summer holidays in lighthouses are, thanks to their originality and the specific experience and ambience, an absolute hit within Croatia s tourist offer. Sometimes in the tourism industry, this kind of holiday is also categorized as "Robinson Crusoe Tourism". Due to high interest, we recommend early booking of the desired time period.

Croatia s islands can be reached by regular and additional ferry lines from Split , Rijeka (June September) or as part of interesting cruise itineraries on the Croatian Adriatic.


source: Generalturist

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